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Updated 5 March 2015.

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Agricultural economics (With online)
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
American economic review, The (With online)
American journal of agricultural economics (Online only)
American journal of international law (Online only)
Asia environmental review (Online only - Library accessed)
Asia Pacific consensus forecasts
Asia-Pacific development journal
Asia Pacific law review (With online)
Asia-Pacific tech monitor
Asia private equity review (With PDF)
Asia risk (With online TOC)
Asiamoney (With online)
Asian infrastructure
Asian journal of comparative law (Online only)
Asian journal of international law (With online)
Asian journal of law and economics (Online only)
Asian-Pacific economic literature (With online)

Balance of payments of the Kyrgyz Republic
Bank of England quarterly bulletin (With online)
Basis point : the Asian debt markets newsletter
BIS Quarterly Review
Brookings papers on economic activity (With online)
Bulletin of Indonesian economic studies with ... (With online)
Bulletin of the WHO
Business India
Business review weekly :BRW
Business Today
Business traveller : Asia ed.
Businessweek : International ed. (With online)

Caijing Magazine
Cambridge journal of economics (With online)
Capital markets law journal
Carbon finance
The Cato Journal
Central Asia and the Caucasus
CEPAL Review
China business forecast report, The (With online)
China economic review (With online)
China quarterly, The
Community development journal (With online)
Comparative education review (With online)
Computer fraud and security (With online)
Consensus forecasts (Online only)
Consumer reports (With online)
Critical perspectives on accounting (Online only)
Current economics (With PDF)

Developing economies, The
Development and change (With online)
Development in practice (With online)
Development policy review (with online)
Development today
Direction of trade statistics

Ecological economics (With online)
Econometrica (With online)
Econometrics journal, The (With online)
Economic and political weekly
Economic development and cultural change (With online)
Economic journal, The (With online)
Economic outlook (With online)
Economics & human biology (Online only)
Economics & politics (With online)
Economics letters (Online only)
Economics of education review (With online)
Economics of transition, The (With online)
Economist, The (With online)
Editorial Eye
Educational research for policy and practice (With online)
Educational research review (Online only)
Emerging markets review (Online only)
Energy economics (With online)
Energy policy (With online)
Engineering News Record
Environment and urbanization (With online)
Environmental conservation
Environmental finance
Environmental impact assessment review (With online)
Environmental pollution(Online only)
Environmental research (Online only)
Environmental science & policy (Online only)
European economic review(Online only)
European journal of international law
European journal of political economy(Online only)
Explorations in economic history (Online only)

FAO bulletin of statistics Far Eastern economic review (With online)
Feminist Economics
Finance and development (With online)
Finance Asia (With online)
Finance research letters(Online only)
Financial regulation international
Food and agribusiness monitor
Food and wine
Food policy (With online)
Foreign affairs (With online)
Foreign policy (With online)
Fortune magazine (With online)
Foturarc (Print only)
Futures : journal of forecasting, planning and policy (With online)

Games and economic behavior (Online only)
Gender and development
Global finance journal (Online only)
Global Policy
Global water intelligence

Harvard business review (With online)
Hague journal on the rule of law (With online)
Health economics
Health policy and planning (With online)
Hitotsubashi journal of economics
Hotel and travel index
Housing studies (With online)

IIE solutions
IMF Staff Papers (With online)
IMF survey (With Online)
Impact assessment and project appraisal (With online)
India today
Indonesia business forecast report (With online)
Indonesian quarterly, The
Industrial and corporate change (With online)
Information development (With online)
Information economics and policy (With online)
Institutional investor, The (With online)
Insurance: mathematics and economics (Online only)
Internal auditor, The (With online)
International and comparative law quarterly (With online)
International community law review (With online)
International development planning review (With online)
International economic journal
International economic review (With online)
International economy, The (With online)
International financial statistics : Monthly (With online and CD-ROM)
International journal of educational development (Online only)
International journal of educational research (Online only)
International journal of industrial organization (Online only)
International journal of production economics (Online only)
International journal of project management
International journal of urban and regional research (With online)
International journal on hydropower and dams
International labour review (With online)
International organizations(With online)
International organizations law review (With online)
International payments (With online)
International review of economics & finance (Online only)
International review of financial analysis (Online only)
International review of law and economics (Online only)
International social science journal (With online)
Internet and higher education (Online only)
Islands business magazine

Japan and the World Economy (Online only)
Journal of accountancy (With online)
Journal of accounting and economics (Online only)
Journal of accounting research (With online)
Journal of applied behavioral science
Journal of applied econometrics
Journal of Asian business
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences (Online only)
Journal of Asian economics (With online)
Journal of banking and finance (With online)
Journal of business & economic statistics (Online only)
Journal of Cleaner Production (Online only)
Journal of comparative economics (With online)
Journal of contemporary Asia
Journal of corporate finance (Online only)
Journal of development economics (With online)
Journal of development effectiveness (Print only)
Journal of development studies, The (With online)
Journal of econometrics (Online only)
Journal of economic behavior and organization (Online only)
Journal of economic dynamics and control (Online only)
Journal of economic literature (With online)
Journal of economic perspectives, The (With online)
Journal of economic policy reform (With online)
Journal of economic psychology (Online only)
Journal of economic theory (Online only)
Journal of economics and business (Online only)
Journal of empirical finance (Online only)
Journal of environmental economics and management (With online)
Journal of financial crime (With online)
Journal of financial economics (Online only)
Journal of financial intermediation (Online only)
Journal of financial markets (Online only)
Journal of financial stability (Online only)
Journal of finance, The (With online)
Journal of financial research (Online only)
Journal of forest economics (Online only)
Journal of gender studies (With online)
Journal of health economics (Online only)
Journal of housing economics (Online only)
Journal of human development and capabilities (With online)
Journal of international accounting, auditing and taxation(Online only)
Journal of international development
Journal of international economics (With online)
Journal of international financial markets institutions & money(Online only)
Journal of international money and finance (Online only)
Journal of macroeconomics (Online only)
Journal of mathematical economics (Online only)
Journal of monetary economics (With online)
Journal of money laundering Control (With online)
Journal of official statistics (With online)
Journal of policy modeling (Online only)
Journal of political economy, The (with online)
Journal of portfolio management (With online)
Journal of public economics (with online)
Journal of rural development
Journal of socio-economics (Online only)
Journal of Southeast Asian studies
Journal of structured and project finance, The (With online)
Journal of the Asia Pacific economy (With online)
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies (Online only)
Journal of transport economics and policy (With online)
Journal of urban economics (Online only)
Journal of world business (Online only)
Journal of world energy law & business (With online)

Korea journal

Labour economics (Online only)
Lakes and reservoir
Lancet (With online)
Land use policy (Online only)
Law and development review (With online)
Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (With online)
Leiden Journal of International Law (With online)
Le Point

Main economic indicators
Malaysia business forecast report (with online)
Management accounting research (Online only)
Mathematical social sciences (Online only)
McKinsey quarterly (With online)
Millenium : journal of international studies (With online)
MIT Sloan management review (With online)
Modern Asian studies

NBER Digest
NBER Reporter
New scientist
Newsweek (with online)
North American journal of economics and finance (Online only)
NSO Monthly Bulletin of Statistics

OAG worldwide flight guide
OECD economic outlook (With online)
OECD economic studies (With online)
OECD financial market trends (With online)
OECD Main economic indicators (With online)
OECD monthly statistics of international trade (With online)
OECD observer, The (with online)
Oxford development studies (With online)
Oxford economic papers (With online)
Oxford review of economic policy (With online)

Pacific-Basin finance journal
Pacific economic bulletin
Pacific focus
Pakistan development review
Petroleum economist, The
Philippine studies
Philippines business forecast report (With online)
Population and development review
Post-communist economies
Project finance and infrastructure finance
Public Organization Review

Quarterly journal of economics (With online)
Quarterly review of economics and finance (Online only)

Rand journal of economics, The (With online)
Reader's Digest
Regional development dialogue
Regional science and urban economics (Online only)
Regional studies (With online)
Research in economics (Online only)
Research in international business and finance (Online only)
Research in social stratification and mobility (Online only)
Research policy (Online only)
Resource and energy economics (Online only)
Resources policy (Online only)
Review of development economics (With online)
Review of economic dynamics (Online only)
Review of economic studies (Online only)
Review of economics and statistics, The
Review of financial economics (Online only)
Review of income and wealth (With online)
Review of international organizations (With online)
Review of urban and regional development studies (With online)
Review of world economics

Scandinavian journal of economics, The (With online)
Scientific American (Online only)
Significance (With online)
Socio-economic planning sciences (Online only)
Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine and public health, The
Standford Social Innovation Review
Structural change and economic dynamics (Online only)
Studies in education evaluation (Online only)

Teaching and teacher education (Online only)
Thailand business forecast report (With online)
Time (With online)
Trade Finance
Transportation research part A: policy and practice (Online only)

Urban Studies (with online)
U.S. News and World Report (Online only)

Vietnam business forecast report (with online)
Vietnam economic times

Waste management (Online only)
Week (With online) Wired
World Bank economic review
World Bank Research Observer
World development (With online)
World economics (With online)
World economy (With online)
World Food Exchange
World Health Organization (WHO) bulletin (With online)
Worldwatch Magazine
World politics